Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: The Honest Truth

It's a new year, so it's time for some new music! One of my former students recently brought me back a lot of great stuff she had discovered at college in Portland, and one of the songs was from this Portland band, Typhoon. I immediately bought everything of theirs I could get my hands on, and I have hardly listened to anything else since.

Are any of you guys like that with music? When I find something I like, an album, a song, a playlist, I listen to it obsessively on repeat. Just that and nothing else. (Oh man, I was listening to Typhoon a lot on Spotify before I remembered that my Spotify posts to  my facebook, and everyone would know how obsessively I listen to the same two albums. I know I can just turn this feature off, but...whatever.) One album on repeat for two straight weeks got me through my final pre-query revisions. And all of Typhoon's stuff is in the background as I am banging out this new draft.

It's difficult to pick a favorite song, because I am just loving all of it. But this song in particular is one I find invading my thoughts. And every now and then I get the desire to just tweet the song lyrics because I love them so much.

Here they are live on Letterman...the song sounds so awesome! (Despite the censoring of the word "piss"...oh well)

(I love how there are a zillion people in this band. I'm so moving to Portland and joining. I bet they wouldn't even notice.)

The Honest Truth - Typhoon

I never said I was honest
but I am true

We all see something different
we all recall something different
when we watch the parade
go marching through

So be kind to all of your neighbors
because they’re just like you
and you’re nothing special
unless they are too

All my time I’ve walked a filed line
I’ve held a vacant sign upon my eyelids
all my time o lord I’ve been so blind
but now I see the light peek through my door-jamb
but there’s no Hallelujah it will be gone soon
yeah it will be gone soon it’s just an empty room
this is the darkest cave we never see the day
but slowly make our way up to the mouth

You gonna piss and moan
you let the devil your home