Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bookanistas: Unbreak My Heart

Sophomore year broke Clementine Williams’ heart. She fell for her best friend’s boyfriend and long story short: he’s excused, but Clem is vilified and she heads into summer with zero social life. Enter her parents’ plan to spend the summer on their sailboat. Normally the idea of being stuck on a tiny boat with her parents and little sister would make Clem break out in hives, but floating away sounds pretty good right now. Then she meets James at one of their first stops along the river. He and his dad are sailing for the summer and he’s just the distraction Clem needs. Can he break down Clem’s walls and heal her broken heart? Told in alternating chapters that chronicle the year that broke Clem’s heart and the summer that healed it, Unbreak My Heart is a wonderful dual love story that fans of Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, and Susane Colasanti will flock to.

Oh man...this is JUST the book that I have been wanting and needing to read lately! I loved it! I started reading it on my phone (thanks NetGalley!) while I was at the gym and I stayed on the elliptical way longer than intended because I didn't want to put it down. Then I came home and devoured the rest of it, because I just couldn't go to sleep without knowing how things turned out for Clem. 

First of all, I have a love/hate relationship with I Fell For My Best Friend's Boyfriend books. I absolutely love flawed narrators who make morally ambiguous choices. LOVE THEM. But I find that every time there is one of these stories, the author justifies the narrator's actions by making the best friend a total bitch. Now, I get it. I get that it is difficult to pull this off and keep our narrator likable. But not every girl who falls for her bff's man has a bitch for a friend...because why would she be friends with such a horrible person in the first place, you know? 

Well, Melissa Walker TOTALLY PULLED THIS OFF. Because Amanda, Clem's best friend, isn't a bitch at all. She's an awesome friend to Clem, and she has been since they were little. So I was loving how Clem remained a likable narrator, how the flashbacks totally explained her feelings for Ethan, Amanda's boyfriend, and showed how Clem could fall for him while still loving her pretty awesome friend. GO MELISSA WALKER. Thank you for doing this and doing it well. 

As if this wasn't enough, SHE BROUGHT THE HOT GINGER. If you know me at all you know that I totally have a hot ginger fetish, and James, the guy Clem meets while out on the water with her parents trying to escape from her bad choices, is a totally hot and awesome Ginger. 

In addition to all of this, I have been wondering if I would be able to pull off flashbacks in my current WIP, and seeing how they worked so well in this book gave me the confidence I needed to keep going in the direction I've been going. So, yeah...perfect book at the perfect time. 

If you're like me and like books about flawed narrators, or if you're looking for a book that delves into female friendships, or if you like hot gingers, this might just be the book you've been waiting for, too. 

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  1. This book sounds great, and I'm so glad it helped with your book!

    1. It totally did! Helped my flashback issues a lot! :-)

  2. After reading your review, I decided I definitely want to read this book. Then I found out it's not out yet! Bummer. Oh well, I have plenty of other books I can read while I wait.

    1. It's out SOON! Keep an eye out for it!

  3. Sounds like my kind of book! And the new WIP idea I have involves some flashbacks so this could be good preparation for starting that new project. :)

    1. Flashbacks confuse me when trying to write them, but reading books that do it well make it easier to figure it all out.

  4. Ooh! This one sounds fantastic! I'm totally intrigued by the awesome best friend aspect you discussed. Makes the story seem much more real because why are all these literary teens friends with bitchy girls anyway? Thanks for the rec, Jess!