Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo A Day May - Part 1

Friday: May I share something funny? (Or just something fun)

I was pretty excited when Instagram came to Android. I decided to hop right in to one of the photo a day challenges, and it's been pretty fun so far. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen these...and I've posted them on Twitter, too. But I wanted to share them here, too, and provide a little more context to the photos.

May 1: Peace
There is nothing more peaceful than an empty classroom after a long day of students, students, students. I love them, don't get me wrong. I love their jokes and their laughter and their banter. But it's constant. That moment of peace is so nice. 

May 2: Skyline
The husband surprised me with tickets to the Lakers playoff game at Staples Center in downtown LA. It was a gloomy day. 
I used to hate LA, but it has grown on me so much in the past few years, after I made a deal with God while running the LA marathon. I promised that if I could just get through the marathon I would never speak ill of LA again. And, weirdly enough, going through that marathon with this city really did change me toward it. I love it now, and this skyline is a really welcome sight. 

May 3: Something you wore today

My mom got these for me at Target. I like them a lot. 

May 4: Fun!
Friday afternoon I headed up to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead that some of my local writing buddies and I rented for a weekend writing retreat. 
I know this might not look like everyone's ideal photo for Fun!, but there was no other way I wold have rather spent this weekend. 
(I know most of you are writers, so you understand how much fun a weekend in a cabin with other writers only worrying about writing would be.)

May 5: Bird
I spent all day Saturday sitting by that picture window from the picture above waiting for a bird to land on a tree so I could snap a picture for the day, and of course it never happened. I finally gave up and snapped this picture of the bird artwork over the fireplace in our cabin. So rustic!

Then, of course, as soon as I give up and commit to another picture, this guy practically lands on my head. 
I love all the Blue Jays up in our local mountains. I know they aren't very nice birds, but they sure are pretty.

May 6: You
Oh, the beauty of Instagram, that it makes me look good in this picture that I snapped in the parking lot of Mother's Market after driving back from the mountains. I was tired, in desperate need of a shower, and not wearing any makeup, and somehow with the right filter and the reflection of the sun in my glasses, it looks almost glamorous. 

May 7: Someone that inspires you
An art wall has popped up on our campus. Students have been adding drawings and quotations, and I love it. I walked by the other day and saw this stuck in between two drawings, so I snapped a photo.
I like it for this prompt because you can interpret it so many different ways. 
My students and their art wall inspire me.
Hazel and Augustus and their relationship inspire me. 
John Green and his gorgeous book inspire me. 
All of the above. 
I think the most interesting part of this is that it looks EXACTLY like my handwriting. Especially the Augustus. EXACTLY my handwriting. But I didn't write it. I swear.

May 8: A smell you adore
I didn't mean to have two TFiOS-related pictures in a row, but I had this book put aside for a student and, really, there is no better smell than book smell. 

May 9: Something you do every day
I don't have a yard, so I take my Gunner dog to the dog park every day when I get home from work so he can get some exercise and hang out with other dogs. There is a lot of grass at the park, but he wasn't standing in it when I snapped this picture. I swear our park isn't a giant dust bowl. 
My favorite part of this picture is his little tongue.

May 10: A favorite word
I had a tough time with this prompt. I wasn't sure in advance what I was going to do. But yesterday I came home from work and took a nap on the couch, wrapped in my favorite red fleece blanket. Then I woke up and grabbed my computer and Gunner jumped up and settled himself in the bend of my knees and he was looking at me like this, with that sweet face, and I knew what my word was. 
This little dog trusts me so much to take care of him and feed him and keep him safe. And I love doing it for him. He's my heart, this little guy.

I'll post the rest of these later in the month. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Awww Gunner is so adorable! And you can definitely see trust in his eyes :D
    Oh and that picture of you IS glamorous! :D Thanks for sharing, Jess...

    1. He just has the sweetest little face. I love taking pictures of him!

  2. Those pics of Gunner are SO adorable. Children are the same way with makes me sad when people abuse that.

    And I love your fun picture! I have never been on a writers retreat and I really want to go on one. Maybe next year!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh man, the retreat was SO FUN. YA Confidential retreat? We should do that. :-)

  3. Gunner!!! I love those eyes. Thanks for the pics--a window to authentic Love.

    1. We have a little song we sing about Gunner and one of the lines is that he has the kindest eyes. He really does. (I'm so obsessed with my dog)

  4. There are never enough photos/tweets/comments/whatevers about TFiOS. Ever.

  5. I think I love your students...

    And Hazel and Augustus.

    (and you of course!)

    1. I was so excited to see that there. I want to track that kid down and give her a hug.

  6. Great pictures! Gunner is so cute. That picture of you really does look glamorous!

    1. Aww, thanks. I was so not glamourous...I think I probably smelled. :-) But then I put the filter on and BAM. Yay Instagram! Haha

  7. Those shoes are fab, and you look beautiful!

  8. That classroom looks spooky!

    OMG! I'm so jealous! I want to go on a writing retreat. I'd probably spend all that time sleeping though!

    1. I thought I would sleep way more than I did.

  9. Awesome photos. Instagram is the best.

  10. Oh my word, that picture on 6--took me a moment to realize that was you! Looks great!

    I tried downloading Instagram and had no idea how to use it, so never have. Is it just a way to quickly upload pictures?

    1. You can add filters to the photos so they look better and more awesome. Then it's a social network itself where people share the photos. It's a lot of fun to be able to glam up your pictures!

  11. Great pictures :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. These were just as fun to look at the second time around... My favorite is the one of you looking all glam. :)

  13. Love the pics!! Especially the empty classroom--there is nothing more peaceful!

  14. I love seeing all your Instagram photos! I want to try a photo a day challenge one of these months.