Monday, September 24, 2012

What's Up, Monday?

I've been so busy! Want to know what I've been up to?

1. Writing. I am five scenes away from finishing the draft of my WIP. I am very excited about this. Hopefully I can finish this up some time this week and move on to revising the crap out of this thing.

Oh, crappy first draft. Y U so bad?

2. Eating. I decided to cut out carbs and sugar from my diet on Labor Day, and I've been doing a great job of filling my diet with all kinds of fresh, yummy veggies and lean meats. The best part is that I don't crave anything, I'm eating small portions and staying full, and I have so much more energy. I've already lost quite a few pounds (including my extra Paris baggage), and I feel fantastic.

I've finally embraced the yummy salad

3. Working Out. My work bff (who I no longer actually work with, but whatevs) and I got a groupon to our local CrossFit gym and we are trying it out for two months. CrossFit is a seriously gnarly workout that makes me cry every single time. I've been sore to the point of discomfort almost every single day since we started, and I'm currently rocking these awesome bruises on my biceps from a kettlebell workout that have me looking like the husband has been shaking me by the shoulders. I've never worked out so hard in my life. The jury is still out on if I'm going to join the gym when my groupon's very expensive and I really don't know if I can hang for the long haul.

This is SO not me...obvs

4. Teaching. I'm about a month in to my new job teaching middle school and it has been...a challenge. There are a lot of big differences between middle school and high school that I wasn't really anticipating, so there has been a big learning curve over the past few weeks. I'm really hoping that I find my groove soon.

From my Instagram feed after a particularly challenging day

5. Hanging Out. Yesterday I went to the launch party for TEN by Gretchen McNeil, which was so much fun. Gretchen is just a rad person, and it was great to see the huge crowd that came out to support her. I also got to hang out with my favorite local writing friends and catch up over coffee and red velvet TEN cupcakes. I was a total fail at taking pictures, like I have been lately, but trust was a good time.
The only picture I managed to take. There were more people behind me, too!

6. Reading. I've had a lot of Bookanista recommendations lately, and I have lots more on the horizon. I've been reading so many great books lately, and I can't wait to tell you all about them! I'm a little intimidated by my TBR pile, and it keeps getting longer and more awesome, but I guess that's one of those good problems to have.

7. Keeping Busy. Between writing and working out and lesson planning and doing MFA stuff, I haven't had a ton of free time. But you guys know me, that's the way I like it.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Lots of good stuff happening. You sound like you're finding a rhythm and balance. Cheers!

  2. Yay for booksignings? I went to one this week, too. I hope wrangling the middle schoolers gets better. I know when I was a middle schooler I remember thinking, "My God, I could never teach us." So...I admire you!

    I want to know more about this WIP :D

  3. Cutting carbs and sugar? You are a superhero. I've tried doing this and it lasted about an hour.

  4. Cross Fit SCARES ME, so I'm extra impressed with you today, friend. And congrats on dropping pounds... How encouraging! (Incidentally, I'm still avoiding meat, and it's going surprisingly well!) Here's hoping for a good week, especially in the middle school classroom. :)

  5. Are you writing in scrivner? I've attempted but it hasn't won me over yet.

    I just finished an awesome book, that I'll be blabbing about to everyone, THE SWEETEST SPELL, and waiting for this baby to come. 38 weeks and counting!

  6. You keep truckin along on that draft Jess!

  7. Uh...what's up with everyone being healthy? You eat great things for you, Katy runs around the globe twice every morning...I'm feeling a little deficient! :-P

    I'm revising with this really ugly orange pen. That's about it, haha.

  8. Hmm yummy salad :D And wow you're one busy busy lady! Middle Grade must be quite different but I'm sure students love you already :D
    I've been beta-reading/critiquing, also started to read TEN and just sent my first 2500 words off to be critiqued by Mandy Hubbard as part of the online class I'm taking with her.
    Hubby might go soon for a month to Brazil for work and I'll dread coming home to an empty apartment after an hour and 30 minutes of commute...(but that's another story :P)
    Right now, I'm looking forward to get a kitty from the shelter this coming Saturday!
    Have a great week, Jessica!

  9. Cut out carbs and sugar? Wow! You have totally inspired me! :) You have been super-busy lately! Can't wait to hear more about your WIP. I'm sending you major hugs to help with the middle school adjustment. You're an awesome teacher, Jess, and you'll find your groove!

  10. Cross fit sounds scary! I've heard rumors about how freaking intense it is but your description Jess *shudders* I wish I could cut out sugar. Does this mean you also eliminate fruit as well?? I can't wait to hear about your WIP when you're ready to share with us! Good luck with the adjustment to middle school teaching - I'm not sure what subject you teach but in 8th grade I had a superb English teacher who taught me to ENJOY Shakespeare - it helped me for the rest of high school and college. :-) I'm currently REWRITING MY ENTIRE NOVEL. O.o Holy unicorns, it is hard. I'm only 6k in and I'm also on an R+R that's about to expire time wise for a year....eesh.
    Best wishes for the new school year, Jessica!


  11. Yay for almost being done with your draft! I'm really close to being finished with my revision so hopefully both of us will be doing happy dances very soon!

    I'm sorry you've been having a tough time adjusting to your new job. I hope it gets easier soon. I know you're a great teacher!

  12. I saw you were only five scenes away from the end on Twitter, that's awesome! I've been reading and writing. I finally wrapped up my WIP and am in query mode (as in query letter revise mode).

    I hope teaching middle school gets easier. Being in middle school was one of the hardest times of my life, and the good teachers made all the difference.