Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My #SipSwap Mug! (And The Link-Up)

I hope everyone had a fantastic time participating in #SipSwap! I know Kelsey and I sure had a fantastic time hosting it for everyone, and it was so much fun to hear about everyone's mugs!

I drew Jaye Robin Brown, and you can see the mug I sent her here.

As for me, I was so anxious to find out who drew me! I had access to the master spreadsheet Kelsey set up, so I could have easily peeked. But I made sure not to, even when the temptation was pretty great, and when I got my package, it was a complete surprise.

I have to admit, I don't always have good luck with this kind of gift exchange. I always get my person something awesome, and then I get something sort of...well, not something I would actually want in return. Then I had to go and make it extra complicated by specifically requesting a travel mug. My cupboard is full or ceramic mugs that I love and rarely use; a new mug would just take up space. But I use my travel mug daily, and I often leave it at work and have no backup. I needed a second one in the rotation.

I was super thrilled when I got my package in the mail from Ashely. The box was long, but I was still nervous. What if it was dumb? Or one of those cheapie travel mugs that doesn't really work?

Well, all of my fears were instantly kicked out the door when I opened the box and saw this:

YES, that is my sweet little Gunner on a travel mug! Can you believe it?!

I literally screamed out loud when I pulled this mug out of the box. I couldn't believe how thoughtful this gift was...Ashley seriously picked out the most perfect travel mug on the planet for me, and I can't begin to say how much I appreciate her thoughtfulness. Ashley, you rock! Thank you!

Did you participate in #SipSwap! Do you have a post about or photo of your mug? If so, drop your link on the linky tool below to to link it up! And if you have a few moments, visit everyone's link and check out their spoils.

Thanks so much all of your for participating and making #SipSwap awesome! I hope you all had a great time!


  1. Love it! Gunner! Thanks for organizing this!

  2. I love your Gunner mug! Thanks for organizing this - it was really fun! :)

  3. That's such an awesome mug idea--so personal! I love it :)

  4. Awww, that's so cute! Love it! Thanks for making this happen--I had a blast!

  5. Your Gunner mug is the coolest! I love the mug you sent Jaye as well. Very sweet!

  6. This was way too much fun!!! We need to do this again :-D

  7. I love seeing all the mugs! Your Gunner mug is cute. :)

  8. Thanks for being my partner in crime for this, Jess! I love you tons!

  9. I'm so glad you love the mug! Everyone else seemed to love doing this as much as I did, so hopefully it'll become an annual thing. :)