Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's Celebrate Rachel's Book Deal!

One of my very favorite things about immersing myself in the kidlit community is all of the amazing friendships I have made. I'm REALLY lucky because I've connected with this amazing group of women here in Southern California; we get together for dinner, we retreat in the mountains, we accompany each other to book events. These are my girls, and I adore the heck out of them.

I thrills me to death that the first member of this very talented group of ladies has landed a book deal! (And a really awesome one at that.) Check out this announcement from Publisher's Weekly yesterday for my amazing friend Rachel Searles:

Yeah. You know what that means, right?


Be sure to go over to Rachel's blog to hear all about her deal and give her lots of love. (And follow her on Twitter, if you don't already: @RachelSearles)

I love when my friends have good news, and awesome book deal news is the best kind of news. Yay Rachel! I adore you, and I'm so thrilled for what the future has in store for you and your awesome book!


  1. Thank you so much Jess!! I love our group too, and I'm so glad I met you! :) And thanks for the twitter party--I hope to be able to return the favor soon ;)

  2. It's gonna be WINE o'clock again soon!!!!!

  3. Yay, Rachel! Your story sounds amazing... Big, big congratulations!

  4. Yay! This is my first time hearing of Rachel and her awesome-sounding The Lost Planet but what awesome, exciting news! Off to follow her and wish her congratulations :)

  5. Fabulous, saw this on Twitter yesterday!