Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Get Ready To Rock The Drop

This Thursday is Teen Lit Day, which means it is time to Rock The Drop!

If you aren't familiar with Operation Teen Book Drop, go check out Readergirlz for all the information. Basically, we are promoting teen literacy by dropping our favorite YA books out in the wild for teens to find, keep, and read! This will be my fourth year participating in the Rock The Drop fun...you can check out these posts for my experiences from the past two years:

Rock The Drop 2011
Rock The Drop 2012

(My 2010 post is on my defunct book blog...but I promise I participated!)

Thursday is going to be a pretty crazy day for me, but I'm still planning to Rock The Drop as much as I can. I have a few books at home, and I'm hoping to stop by the used bookstore to see if I can pick up some more. The more books, the merrier...right?

Are you planning on participating in Operation Teen Book Drop on Thursday? If you do participate, be sure to print out the Readergirlz book plate for your book, then tweet and/or instagram your pictures/experience with #RockTheDrop...and be sure to blog about it afterwards! We all love sharing the Teen Lit Love!


  1. Oh it's this thursday! I am definitely doing it this year!

  2. I'm definitely taking part. I picked up a few books and I have some at home that I'm thinking of donating to the cause. I'm going to enlist my hubby to help out! :)

  3. Thank you so much for supporting Rock the Drop year after year! I don't have to remind you DFTBA because you already are! Hate Spinnerbait. :)