Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break Fun - Free Cold War Kids Show

Yesterday was the first day of my GLORIOUS TWO-WEEK SPRING BREAK. Yes, I know I am extremely lucky to get two weeks off (even though one of those weeks is thanks to furlough days, so it's not as awesome as it seems), and I try to take advantage of ever free second. (And by "take advantage" I mean sleep as much as possible.)

My wbff Erin and I decided to have some fun on our first day off and do one of those things we always wish we could do if we didn't have a pesky job during the day. We drove out to LA to see our favorite band Cold War Kids play a free show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

We weren't really sure what to expect from this show, but after battling traffic (leaving at 3pm didn't matter, it still took us an hour and a half to go about 40 miles), we got to the store about an hour and a half before the show and found the line to be not all that bad. A friendly Amoeba employee came around and told us that they had copies of their new album for sale in the store (a day early!) and if we wanted to, we could get them signed by the band after the show. So, we both ran in and grabbed a copy. (While I was buying mine, the guy buying stuff next to me looked so much like Daniel Vincent Gordh, aka Darcy from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I was staring so hard at him like the creeper I am, that I walked away leaving my brand new Ray Bans just sitting on the counter. Thank goodness it was sunny enough outside that I noticed their absence right away. My god, Jess...get it together.)

The whole process of seeing a show at Ameoba was so well organized and painless (SO unlike the secret Incubus show I went to at the Echoplex. Have I ever shared that tale of woe? I will tell you that it involves me, Mild Mannered, People Pleasing Jess getting in an actual bar fight where a girl PULLED OUT MY WEAVE. Yes, this was real life.) that we just filed right in, chatted happily amidst the rows of CDs, and then the band was playing.

What Erin and I love about Cold War Kids is that every show we've been to has been so different. They frequently change up their set lists, they don't always play their more popular songs, and they are always, always unbelievably awesome live. Lead singer Nathan Willett's voice just blows me away every time...I would love him even if he wasn't a former teacher. But that makes me love him even more. Especially when he pulls out his classroom management skills on unruly concert-goers like he did when Erin and I saw them a few months ago.

After they were done playing (to a crowd of very respectful fans...seriously, I was so impressed by this whole experience), we hopped in line to say hi to the band and get our insert poster signed. I haven't bought an actual CD in a long time, but I'm glad to have this one because it has a lot of cool artwork included.

Then the best part about this whole experience? I was back home and on my couch by 8pm like the old lady I am. It was awesome.


  1. That sounds like tons of fun, Jess! I really need to get out and see more live music. :)

  2. Sounds like a good time, and yes, I love when you can get back from a show and still have some relaxing time.

  3. Daniel Vincent Gordh...swooooon.


    this is the clear question to be asking.

  5. Yes, the better question is...WAS IT DANIEL??????

    Anyway I am so glad you had a good time, Jessica. I was thinking about how I haven't been to many concerts and I really need to change that! :) (Only seen Vampire Weekend, Ellie Goulding and Regina Spektor live)

  6. YAY for Spring Break! And I'm so JEALOUS of your two weeks! Enjoy!

  7. I love Amoeba! I try to drag people there when I go to visit them in LA -- I mean, that's what you're supposed to do when visiting friends across the country, no?