Monday, May 13, 2013

Coachella 2013 (And How I Slept Through an Entire Set Because I'm Old)

Another fun thing I did while in the midst of moving craziness was attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for the second year! And this time...I camped!

Our wristbands
Our street
Our awesome campsite
I have to admit, I was a little wary at the idea of camping. I'm OLD, and I like things like hotel beds and indoor plumbing and showers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy camping. But camping at a music festival? Where I'd be surrounded by 18-year-old stoners? I was pretty sure I was way too old and grouchy for that mess. 

Erin, Claire, and me. My favorite camp and music buddies.
Well, it turns out that camping was a freaking BLAST. Here was the key...three of us and two campsites. On one campsite we set up our big tent, complete with comfy air mattresses, and on the other campsite we had an EZ-Up with blankets, chairs, a camp stove, and our coolers. We had the best much better than the people who had like six people squeezed into one space, with only room for a tent.
Mmm. Bacon.
We also brought tons of food and supplies. Claire hooked us up with breakfast every morning, cooking bacon and making breakfast burritos on the camp stove. We had snacks and drinks for days, and it was so fun sitting under our shady EZ-Up playing Cards Against Humanity with our campsite neighbors. 

It was difficult to pick a winner on this one.
Ah yes, and then there was the actual festival. I heard some people complaining about the lineup this year, but those people were insane. Due to some scheduling and logistical issues (like a lost car key...meep!), I didn't see every band I was hoping to see. But I did see so much awesome, it was sort of ridiculous. 

Lord Huron
The Neighbourhood
Jake Bugg
The Shouting Matches
Of Monsters and Men
And I caught some of Metric, Band of Horses, and Blur

Lord Huron
The Neighbourhood
The Shouting Matches
Jason Bentley
My friends saw Grizzly Bear while I fell asleep in the middle of the dang show like the old woman I am
The Postal Service (with Jenny awesome)
The xx
Claire and I taking a little break during Jason Bentley while Creeper McGoo behind us films us without our knowledge. Awesome. 
Sleeping through Grizzly Bear like a boss
James Blake
La Roux
Some of Pretty Lights and Red Hot Chili Peppers

La Roux
Highlights were Alt-J, The xx, and La Roux, who was surprisingly awesome and fun.

This snail just scooted around the whole weekend and I loved it
I've learned that you can go to Coachella with a plan, but it never fails that two bands you love will be playing at the exact same time, or something crazy will happen, and you won't be able to see everyone you want to see. Like I said, I lost my car key. It fell out of my purse as I was walking around the festival on Saturday, and I thought for sure it was lost forever and I was going to be stuck in the desert. So I had to sacrifice about an hour of band time on Sunday to waiting in line at the lost and found, where THEY ACTUALLY HAD MY CAR KEY (this still amazes me)...yeah, I had to miss a lot of the Sunday fun, but at least I was able to drive home. 

Really, the best part of the weekend was just enjoying music and good times with two of my bestest friends. Claire, Erin, and I had so much fun just hanging out, talking, and enjoying some of our favorite music. 

This is pretty much my personality, right here in the background of this wacky photo of Claire
The lowlight was the phone charging situation for campers. There were plenty of places to plug in, but for some reason my phone and battery were just not cooperating. My phone was dead for most of Saturday and half of Sunday, even though I charged it for hours. I get a lot of anxiety when my phone isn't working, but, ah well. So I couldn't's not the end of the world. I still had a blast.

Coming back to the real world was hard. (Especially because my car wouldn't start on Monday morning...oh, the car issues I had.) Yeah, it was nice to take an actual shower and use an actual bathroom, but there's something magical about that desert. 

**Most of these pictures were taken by Erin...she is actually a good photographer, unlike me.


  1. I'm so jealous. Camping, indie music and best friends sounds like a perfect weekend. But I'm scared I'd get old lady crabby with the camping experience. And seriously, you have to teach me how to dry shampoo you hair and keep it so gorgeous. I would not look that good after three days of no shower.

  2. 18-year-old stoners are the reason I won't go to Sasquatch (which is our music festival out in the Gorge), even if I had friends that shared my taste in music. Although looking at your pictures is making me sad I don't have friends who share my taste in music because it looks like you had so much fun...

    And how were Of Monsters and Men? I've been so obsessed with them since I listened to them on Spotify and I really just need to buy their album already!

  3. Okay. I hope we can still be friends after I admit that... Red Hot Chili Peppers is the ONLY band of ALL the bands you listed that I've heard of. Who's old now? Also, the camping thing... I'm kind of in awe of those who do it and like it. All I can ever think about is when I'll get to shower next, and how claustrophobic I'll feel once that tent is zipped up. *shudder*

    Anywho. LOVE the pictures. Looks like you girls had a blast!

  4. Those pictures look amazing. I cannot even imagine! I like to think I'd love to go to a music festival like that, but to be honest, I doubt I'd last 1 day. I hate camping, but I will admit you made it look fun!

  5. I used to camp at a big music festival and there is defnitely an art to it. Sounds like your set up was pretty good, plus lots of food, which helps, and Cards Against Humanity!! I love that game. My husband and his friends play it regularly and have added write-in cards with their own selections.

    To your credit, Grizzly Bear is pretty boring. Just sayin'.

    1. Metric is amazing though, I'm envious. I need to see them.

  6. Man, I would love to come to this! It looks like a blast. And you three are gorgeous!

  7. You guys make sleeping outdoors look like so much fun!

  8. This sounds really fun! I've never really been camping but I like the sound of your set-up. Ha, like Katy, I don't recognize most of these bands but it sounds like it was an awesome festival!