Monday, May 6, 2013

Rocking The Drop and World Book Night

Things have been nuts here at the Love Shack, and I haven't had a chance to sit down and properly update. Mainly this is due to the fact that the Love Shack has actually relocated. We moved a couple of miles up the road over the past few weeks, and, man, has that been a process.

During that process, I did a couple of fun things I want to be sure to update you on. One exciting thing I did was scatter free books across the greater Orange County area as I participated in both Rock The Drop and World Book Night!

Rock The Drop

Thursday, April 18 was Teen Lit Day, which YA lovers across the country celebrated by dropping a YA book out in the world for teen readers to find and love. Since I was in the process of packing, I found TEN books to drop throughout the day! Here's what I did...

All 10 of my books, stacked up and ready to go!

I dropped the first one on the brick wall outside of my apartment complex. A lot of local teens walk my street on the way to the high school, so I knew it would be picked up quickly.

I dropped the second one on a table outside of the bagel place down the street from my work. I work at a middle school and there is a high school directly across the street, so this bagel place is a happening spot in the mornings before school. 

During my free period at work, I grabbed a bunch of books and snuck across the street to the high school, where I immediately picked out this bright yellow Bug and dropped a matching book on the front of it. 

I was hoping to get in and out of the high school without being spotted, but, of course, the second I stepped foot on campus I was peeped by the AP. I heard, "Jessica! Are you LOST?!" right when I was trying to sneakily drop a book. Luckily I know her, and I explained what I was doing pretty quickly and she let me go on my way. Whew. I dropped three more books around campus before I snuck back to my classroom in time to teach my next class. 

Once my school got out, I dropped this book along the path the kids walk to get home. I was standing near it doing my after school duty and I totally saw it get snatched up! Yes!

I had to hurry home from work to walk Gunner, but I figured he could help me out with my efforts, so I brought a book along with us on our walk and dropped it here under this tree. He was very proud of himself for helping out. 

I had some errands to run after work, so this book came along with me and got dropped outside the frozen yogurt shop. 

And my last book of the day got dropped on a table at Starbucks. 

This was my fourth year participating in Rock The Drop, and it continues to be one of my favorite days of the year! It was a fun challenge trying to find a spot to drop ten books throughout the day, but I guess it helps that I have access to a high school campus without seeming like a total creeper.

World Book Night

Just a week later, on April 23, was World Book Night. If you aren't familiar with World Book Night, you can read about it here. Basically, you can sign up to be a Giver and you're given a big box of the book of your choice to hand out to reluctant readers. I participated last year and loved it, so I was very excited to sign up again this year...and even more excited to see that Looking for Alaska by John Green, one of my favorite books, was on the giveaway list this year!

Last year I gave my books to other teachers at my school to put in their classroom libraries, which was great, but a little anti-climactic. So this year I decided to give my copies directly to my students.

I typed up a little note explaining that the books was theirs to keep, but I encouraged them to pass it along when they were done with it and to come talk to me about it if they liked it. Then I gave it to students of mine who I thought would enjoy it or students who I felt were ready to have their lives changed by this awesome book.

I loved hearing the thank yous from the students who appreciated it. And, even more, I love actually seeing them read it in class. It's awesome. I've already had one girl come in to talk to me about it, and I promptly handed her The Fault in our Stars as a follow-up.

Sharing my love of books and reading with others is one of my very favorite things to do, and I was so excited that April gave me two awesome opportunities to share the love.


  1. Wow, you really went all-out! That's awesome. I also did WBN--same book! I gave mine out during our school's silent sustained reading period, to kids who didn't have books. I got a Nerdfighter student to help me hand them out, which was really fun.

  2. I can't see the photos, but so what - you're still awesome!

  3. I totally had a blast with Rock the Drop this year and it looks like you did too! Loved seeing your Instagram photos of your drops as they were happening. :-)

  4. Congrats on making it through your move! And how awesome are you with all those books released into the wild? (Super awesome)

  5. Ten books?! You're a rock star! And glad you survived the move. In the few times we have moved, it's been pretty much a few streets away, but man - a move is still a move. And not very fun.