Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

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What I'm Reading
There's a new Jennifer Echols book out, so you KNOW I'm reading it! I just love everything she writes!

This one is all about music, so you know I'm in love. 

What I'm Writing

Last time I did one of these, I hinted at the secret project I was working on. Now it's not a secret anymore! I'm revising PUSH GIRL with every free second I have. I have my mind wandering to a few different projects when I'm not working on it -- I still need to revise the beginning of IN REAL LIFE, and I pulled out my NaNo '09 project for my MFA residency workshop, and I got some really good feedback on it, so I'd love to figure out how to make that work. 

For once in my life I have more ideas/possible projects than I have time for, and that's pretty damn exciting!

What Else I've Been Up To

I've been home from my trip to Ireland for about a week now (update to come! Or at least some pictures!), and I'm just starting to feel like life is getting back to normal. Of course, in my life that means something else is happening soon, because I never like to feel normal for long. Yup, I'm off to Vegas with my girls for our annual girlie weekend, and then the weekend after that is SCBWL LA! Meep. My summer has been so nuts, you guys. I'm exhausted. And we won't even talk about how there's less than a month to go before school starts again. Nope, we won't talk about that at all. 

What Inspires Me Right Now

I've been watching all of the episodes of Push Girls on Sundance*, and that show is pretty great. I highly recommend it, if you get Sundance and you get a chance to watch it. 

Also, I've been loving this new blog: Disability in Kidlit
The contributors all give excellent insight into writing characters with disabilities, and the things they've shared have been so useful in my writing of a character with a spinal cord injury who uses a wheelchair. Add this blog to your daily read, even if you aren't writing a character with a disability. I promise you will get a lot out of it!

*So I google the show to find this picture, and there is actually an ad there to pre-order the book. What is my life right now? Whee!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I've also posted in my blog about how the show Push Girls inspires me! I love the show and have been watching ever since the first episode. I've also been reading the Disability in Kidlit blog and it's been really helpful.

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  3. NO we will NOT think about the thing that shall not be mentioned that starts again in a month!

    I can't say it enough--I'm so happy for and excited for you, Jessica! Like you said in one of your other posts, publishing this spring is like crazy soon in the pub world. So much crazy exciting craziness!!!

  4. I can't possibly express how happy I am for you, Jessica. Hooray!

  5. Welcome back! I loved looking at your Ireland pics, and congrats on Push Girl! Looks like you have a lot of excitement and fun in your near future. :)

  6. Every time I see mention of PUSH GIRLS (the show and your book!), I get so excited! Can't wait to see which project you decide to focus on next... So much awesomeness coming your way!