Monday, August 12, 2013


This past weekend was my last trip of my travel-packed summer. I got on my last flight, woke up in my last hotel, and came home to my dog licking me like he hadn't seen me for months for the last time.

I'm sad that all of the fun I had planned for my summer is behind me, and I'm even more sad that it means that the school year is amping up now and I'm soon headed back to work. I'm also exhausted from weekend after weekend of packing up and heading out, so I'm ridiculously happy to be home for awhile where I can just BE.

Oh, the woes of an introvert who loves to travel. I'm packing it all in, but giving myself no time to recharge.

Here's a quick photo recap of my summer, going all the way back to June.

London and Dublin with my husband

Saw Once: The Musical
Went to the Harry Potter Studio
Had afternoon tea

Went to the Guinness Storehouse
Took an 11K hike around Howth

Dublin and Galway with the Spalding MFA program


Stayed at Trinity College
Saw the Book of Kells
Visited Clonmacnoise
Toured Oranmore Castle
Learned a lot

Quick stop in NYC

Saw some dear friends
Sweated my brains out
Had lunch with my editors

Vegas with my girlfriends

Got a cabana at the pool
Ate some delicious meals
Got all dressed up
Cheers-ed my book deal


Quality time with my favorite writer people
Dressed up as Cruella DeVil

Chicago for my friend's 30th birthday celebration

Architecture River Tour
Tons of good food
Met one of my favorite Twitter friends

In the middle of all of this, I also went to the fair several times, hit up a concert, went wine tasting, attended my sister-law's baby shower, went to some parties, and spent some time with an old friend who was in town.

Oh, and that whole book I've been working on, too.

While this summer was truly amazing, it has also been ridiculously exhausting. I'm not really looking forward to saying goodbye to my lazy trips to the park with Gunner in the mornings and my afternoon naps, I'm very happy to spend some time getting grounded again after all of this activity. I need it.


  1. I bet you're exhausted! BUT it sounds and looks like you've had such an amazing summer! Good for you! Good luck with the upcoming school year and enjoy the rest of the summer!

  2. Jess in a box! In London! I have loved getting a chance to witness your awesome summer!

  3. Wow!! You packed A LOT in this summer. Great memories, I'm sure. :)

  4. Sounds like an awesome summer! Love your pics. I'm really happy we got to meet IRL (finally!) and hang out at SCBWI LA. :)