Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Happy New Goals! Part 1

See you later, 2013! You were okay in some ways and awesome in others, but I'm definitely ready to move on. And YAY 2014! This is going to be a big one! I always love the new year because I love the idea of a fresh start. I love making goals and figuring out how to meet them, and I love the excuse to make some changes to my life.

Last year I set some goals for myself, so I wanted to revisit them (I outlined them here) and see how I did before I move on to 2014's goals.

2013 Goals

1. Start and finish a new project in 2013

I totally did this! I had no idea how this was going to work out when I wrote this goal last year. All I wanted was to try to become a more efficient writer. Well, that's one thing that working on PUSH GIRL this year was really useful for! I went from first word to final editor revision in a little over six months, which was way faster than I ever thought I could write! I'm so glad that circumstances worked out the way they did to show me that I CAN be an efficient writer. I learned so much about my writing process through working on this book this year. 

2. Try something new in my writing life
Again, I had no idea what this was going to be when I wrote this goal, I only knew I wanted to shake things up in my writing life. Again, PUSH GIRL provided me this opportunity! To write under a deadline, to write a book I knew would be published, to work with an editor, to work with a co-author...all of this stuff was brand new to me, and super fun! It's not the "something new" I had even imagined when I wrote out this goal in January. It ended up being even better!

3. Read 52 books
I finished the year with 56 books - 53 new books and 3 re-reads. I'm so glad I still managed to stay with my book-a-week pace even with everything I had going on this year!

2013's word: POSITIVITY
After 2012 was so terrible for me, I really wanted to keep a focus in 2013 on staying positive and not letting the bad stuff in life get me down. I have to say that this focus really served me well this year! I did have some very rough patches in 2013, but I tried to keep my eyes trained on the good stuff, and I found that I was rewarded with some good things at my very lowest points. I believe a lot in the power of attraction, so making a thoughtful effort to think about the good really did bring good things into my life this year. (It didn't bring me everything I wanted, but  I'm really convinced that the universe has me dealing with certain things for very specific reasons.)

Tomorrow I'm going to share my goals for 2014. 

How did you do with your goals for 2013? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish this past year?


  1. Sometimes the general goals can really surprise you! My goals were also fairly general, so it's kind of easy to look back and say: success! I'm very excited for your book collaboration. PUSH is on my TBR!

  2. Happy New Year! Can't wait to read PUSH GIRL :-) In 2013, especially during the end of the year, work kind of took over and while I love my day job, it became a bit too much...and I didn't accomplish everything on my list (far from it)...But here's to a new year and new goals (maybe more realistic) :P

  3. I love your 2013 goal of try something new in my writing. I might do that next year. You had a whirlwind of a 2013, so not have a fully defined goal number three is okay. And I love your word this year. Balance is a good one. I might adopt that too!

  4. Have a great year J.

    Re: Your father, his grace is in Christ, thus no need (from us) to judge him.