Thursday, February 27, 2014

BOOKANISTAS: When Audrey Met Alice

First daughter Audrey Rhodes can't wait for the party she has planned for Friday night. The decorations are all set and the pizza is on its way. But the Secret Service must be out to ruin her life, because they cancel at the last minute-citing security breach and squashing Audrey's chances for making any new friends. What good is being "safe and secure" if you can't have any fun?

Audrey is ready to give up and become a White House hermit, until she discovers Alice Roosevelt's hidden diary. The former first daughter gives Audrey a ton of ideas for having fun...and more problems than she can handle. 

Confession: I've been reading a lot more middle grade these days. Bigger confession: I've really been loving it! 

This book is just so much fun. It's two different stories - Audrey is the current first daughter struggling with the restrictions of White House Life, and she finds the diary of Alice Roosevelt, who tells her story of growing up in the White House back in the day. 

Alice's diary is just amazing. For a historical character, she just leaps off the page fully formed. I have never so much in my life wanted to hang out with a person a fictional character was reading about in a book. She's funny, she's smart, she's spunky, and her worries and insecurities are so relatable, even to modern teens. And don't even get me started on Emily Spinach. I love me some Emily Spinach.  

My favorite thing in this book is the effortless diversity. There is an extremely diverse cast of characters in this book, and I loved it! It never once felt like "let me make sure this character has an ethnic friend," it felt 100% organic and authentic - the way diversity in MG/YA should be.

I loved absolutely everything about this book. It was fun, it was sweet, it was touching, and it was moving. I learned something when I read it and I laughed and cried, too. I can't recommend this one enough. 

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  1. I'm reading this now and it's great! My daughter "stole" it from me and devoured it in two days. :)

  2. I MUST get this book! It's sitting in my B&N bag. I just need to splurge and hit check out. :) And yes - I love middle grade books too. My son's on the border of upper elementary and mg so we read some together. We are both very into the Origami Yoda series. Really cute and fun!