Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's a Great Day For Book Birthdays!

One of the best things about the writing community is all of the friends I've made...and seeing all of those friends release their awesome books into the world. I'm so thrilled that two of my favorite people finally get to share their book babies with us today!

First of all, happy book birthday to ALIENATED by Melissa Landers!

Melissa is in my close circle of writing friends, and we've been cheering each other on for many years now. In fact, I remember when this book was a NaNoWriMo project, and now here it is, out there on shelves...finally! Melissa is a master of humor and romantic tension, and I can't wait to see this book become a huge success!

Second, happy book birthday to WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE by Rebecca Behrens!

Rebecca is a fellow Bookanista and blog friend and generally awesome person. I was so excited to read her MG debut, and it is even more fabulous than I had been hoping. If you like smart, fun MG, have any interest in life in the White House, or just love amazing female characters (and this book has TWO! Well, three if you count Emily Spinach, and I totally do), then you need to check this book out.

Put these amazing books on your TBR if you haven't already! And go give Melissa (@Melissa_Landers) and Rebecca (@RebeccaBehrens) some book birthday love on Twitter today!

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  1. Thank you! And I can't wait to celebrate your book birthday this year!