Thursday, May 8, 2014

BOOKANISTAS: Camelot Burning

By day, Vivienne is Guinevere's lady-in-waiting. By night, she's Merlin's secret apprentice, indulging in the new mechanical arts and science of alchemy. It's a preferred distraction from Camelot’s gossipy nobility, roguish knights, and Lancelot’s athletic new squire, Marcus, who will follow in all knights’ footsteps by taking a rather inconvenient vow of chastity.

More than anything, Vivienne longs to escape Camelot for a future that wouldn't include needlework or marriage to a boorish lord or dandy. But when King Arthur's sorceress sister, Morgan le Fay, threatens Camelot, Vivienne must stay to help Merlin build a steam-powered weapon to defeat the dark magic machine Morgan will set upon the castle. Because if Camelot falls, Morgan would be that much closer to finding the elusive Holy Grail. Time is running out and Morgan draws near, and if Vivienne doesn't have Merlin's weapon ready soon, lives would pay the price, including that of Marcus, the only one fast enough to activate it on the battlefield.

It's no real secret that Kathryn Rose is one of my writing besties. But what you may not know is that I knew she had to be my friend immediately when I first met her in person and she told me the concept of this book - Steampunk Camelot. I've always been super interested in Arthurian legend. I find it so fascinating. Then add in the "punk" element to it? OMG I am so hooked. I was pretty much like, "Welp, I certainly hope you like me, because with a concept like that, we're going to be best friends and there's no two ways about it." 

This book really does live up to its awesome concept. She takes all of the things and characters that are familiar about Arthurian legend - Camelot, Merlin, King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, Excalibur, Guinevere and Lancelot - but puts a punky twist on all of it, while also adding in new characters and new threats to the kingdom. CAMELOT BURNING follows the story of Vivienne, Guinevere's lady-in-waiting and secret apprentice to Merlin. I loved Vivienne because she is a strong girl who is working toward the things she wants, even when it's not easy for someone of her gender or standing in her society. She's spunky, strong, and sassy, and she wears some really awesome clothes. 

There's a really fun (and somewhat mysterious) romance between Vivienne and Marcus, Lancelot's squire. OMG, you guys...I LOVE what Kathryn Rose has done with the knights in this book. Throw away what you know about traditional Camelot knights and get ready for THE HOTTEST KNIGHTS IN THE KINGDOM. Oh goodness. These guys. 

Speaking of throw away what you know, no matter how many Camelot books I read, I always manage to picture Merlin looking like he does in the Disney movie The Sword and the Stone. This book completely obliterates that image of Merlin and makes him into this cool, mysterious guy I can't even explain. He's so awesome in ways I never really anticipated Merlin could be, and I love it so much. 

Get ready to have everything you know about Arthurian legend turned on its head in the best possible way. This book is out TODAY, and you really need to go check it out. 

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  1. Yay! Totally agree with all of this. HOT KNIGHTS FTW.

  2. I'm so buying this one! I've had it on my TBR list for a while, so I'm pretty excited that it's finally out. Great review, Jess! (You had me at hot knights! )

  3. Awww….thank you SO MUCH, Jess! This is an amazing post! <333

  4. Wow. This is my first visit on your blog, and I must say, just by reading your reviews I already want to read the books. I definitely want to read this one (since I'm an English literature fan). I hope this book is available in the Philippines.