Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Class of 2014: Popularity Contest

Thanks for joining Katy, Alison, Tracey and me over here at the Class of 2014: YA Superlatives Blogfest again for the popularity contest! The linky is at the bottom, so add your link and the then hop around to visit everyone's blog!

Now, on to today's categories, where we can pick characters from any 2014 book! (In case you need a reminder, here is what I read this year.)

Class Clown
Kami in Unmade
Even in the midst of complete upheaval of her town and life at the hand of sorcerers, Kami never fails to bring the hilarious one-liners. 

Most Likely to Become a Rock Star
With that voice, it's pretty obvious that Amber is going places.

Mostly Likely to Start a Riot
Vivienne in Camelot Burning
I don't think Vivienne would start a riot on purpose...

Biggest Flirt

Cole in Sinner
This guy never turns it off. He even flirts with his limo driver, and I love him for it.

Fashion King and/or Queen
Isabel in Sinner
Isabel moved to LA and started working in fashion, and she ended up with the hottest leggings in town.

Character You’d Most Want For Your BFF
Reagan in Open Road Summer
I feel like Reagan would take none of my crap, and that's exactly what I need in a friend. 

Character You Wish You’d Dated in High School
As much as I love Etienne and Cricket, I think Josh may be the most "my type" of any of Stephanie Perkins's boys. 

Most Likely to Become President
I vote for Gansey in this category every year, but how can I not?!

Quirkiest Characters

Jude and Noah in I'll Give You The Sun
These twins are both quirky in their own way, and it's glorious.

Villain You Love to Hate
The Greenmantles in Blue Lily, Lily Blue
I kinda want to be BFF with Piper?

Favorite Parental Figure

Kami's dad in Unmade
Kami's dad also wins every year, but that's because he is the absolute best.

Coolest Nerd

Imogen is into theater, and some people think that's nerdy. (I think it's awesome.)

If you participated today, leave the link to your Popularity Contest below...then hop around and see what everyone else picked today! Be sure to come back tomorrow for Elements of Fiction!


  1. I really, really need to get around to reading UNMADE. It's ridiculous how long I've waited. I asked for it for Christmas, so fingers crossed! As for Perkins' boys, I think I'm still an Étienne girl myself. Loved Cricket, liked Josh, but I'm still totally smitten with Étienne. :D

    1. I love Etienne, but I can't get over how short he is. LOL

  2. Kami's dad always wins. Always. He's hilarious. As for LOLA, well, no one beats Etienne. Cricket came close, but Josh? He lost me when he gave Lola that ridiculous comic with his naked ex-girlfriend. I mean, come on. If I dated him in high school I would have broken up with him...for good.

    1. Bahahaha! I actually kinda loved that. He was just so adorably clueless.

  3. "...and she ended up with the hottest leggings in town." That sounds like a pretty solid life goal, tbh.

    1. It really is. Everything is downhill for Isabel after she achieves the leggings.

  4. I like the covers for No Place to Fall and Damsel Distressed. I am an Etienne fan when it comes to Stephanie Perkins' books - I'm usually the shortest person in the room so his height wouldn't bother me! I agree, Reagan would be a great friend - she'd have your back, no doubt.

    1. I do live Etienne...but I'm 6 feet tall. It would never work. Haha.

  5. I've been meaning to read the whole series ending with UnMade - how has time gotten away from me? I haven't even started it!!! Also now you make me want to read Damsel Distressed :)

  6. Great list! I'm going to have to read No Place To Fall. It has a really cool cover.

  7. Replies
    1. Have you read the other books in the trilogy? They start with Unspoken and they are so great.

  8. Ha - I almost chose the Third Sleeper as my villain. Great choices, Jess! I still need to get my hands on a couple of these!

  9. I need to read SINNER and DAMSEL DISTRESSED and NO PLACE TO FALL soon! I've somehow neglected them all, though they sound SO good. And three cheers for Gansey!

    1. It's just so hard to read all the books!

  10. Love your picks! That leggings comment makes me think I need to go back to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series (I only ever read Shiver); I do love me some cool leggings!

    Even though I haven't caught up with the Lynburns, I absolutely believe that Kami's dad is (still) awesome and that Kami herself is still hilarious. Her humor is what I love about those books. They're very high up on my TBR now that the last book is out.

    And yes, I vote Gansey for everything!!

    1. You know, I think you could read Sinner without reading the other Mercy Falls books.

  11. See, Josh totally would have been my way-too-intense platonic relationship. Cricket, on the other hand--I would have been SO in love with Cricket.

    1. HA! Yes, I can totally see that about Josh!