Friday, February 5, 2016

IN REAL LIFE Pre-Order Campaign

We're just a few weeks away from IN REAL LIFE's release, so I wanted to send a special little thank you to to anyone who pre-orders the book.

If you pre-order IN REAL LIFE by February 29th, I'll send you this swag pack:

This pre-order special swag pack includes:
*An IN REAL LIFE bookmark - signed
*An IN REAL LIFE postcard with a little personalized love note to you from me
*A signed bookplate you can stick in your book
*Pre-order exclusive Nick and Hannah stickers

I got these adorable doodles done of Nick and Hannah, the stars of IN REAL LIFE, and had them made in to stickers just for people who pre-order the book. (How cute is Nick?! Seriously.)
Here's how to get the pre-order swag pack:

STEP 1: Pre-order IN REAL LIFE by midnight on February 29th - hardcover or ebook

STEP 2: Email proof of your purchase to Screenshot your order confirmation, forward the email receipt, however you want to show me that you preordered. (I won't use your personal info for any reason, I promise, but you can block it off if you want to.)

STEP 3: Include your full name and mailing address in the email

STEP 4: Enjoy IN REAL LIFE when it comes out on March 1st, and enjoy your swag pack!

You'll get a reply from me when I drop your swag pack off at the post office, so check in with me if you don't hear anything after a week or two. (Post Office trips are less frequent now that I have the baby, but I want to make sure no one is forgotten.)

This pre-order offer IS international, so no worries if you don't live in the US. I'll send you goodies no matter where you live. And if you order multiple copies of the book, I throw in a bonus surprise or two for you!

Thanks again for your support of my little book! I love you all! xoxo

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  1. I enjoyed this book. I will admit I wanted to smack people about a hundred times in the book, but that's normal. :-)

    ~Dana@College Prive Reine Marie